Who are we?

We're introducing ourselves!"

In August 2010, after more than a year in a camper and with our family on the roads of the American continent, and particularly in Latin America, we are back in our beautiful country.

And you're this close to sending me an email, asking me: "We", who is it?

We is: me (Christian), my wife (Valerie), and my children - who after traveling 60,000 kilometers on the dusty trails of South America, see us launching this new adventure. Back, then, to Gradignan (that's in the center of the world, that is, in the Southwest, near Bordeaux, France).

And it takes us about eleven minutes to decide the inevitable: let's start our own business, and sell what we like as we like it! Or pretty much ...

As we like it, it's the web, our business for the past fifteen years or so. For the rest, read on.

Several projects are quickly in the works, but the first to come out, the most obvious, is the one that also represents the biggest investment in time given the amount of products to reference, and you're looking at it now: The Card Company.

After having suffered so much from not having taken the right maps with us, for lack of having found them when we were looking for them, in France and elsewhere, from a GPS breakdown - which only happens at the worst time: for us, it will be at the gates of South Lipez, in Bolivia -, from tracks that we narrowly missed or from badly indicated roads, we concluded that road maps, hiking maps, ... in short, travel maps in the broadest sense of the word, will be essential for a long time to come.

Since then, we have been working to fill our catalog, which at the launch of the site (end of December 2010) has about 200 different references, and which will include in early May 2011 more than 1,000 ... to arrive, in 2020, to more than 14,000 different references.

If you are looking for a map in particular, on a region, a place, a particular scale, do not hesitate to contact us, we know most of the publishers, and the form that you can reach by clicking here is there for you!

A question, feedback, comment, just want to talk with us? Click here!

And for the record, this is pretty much where it all started :), spending a night on the Salar de Uyuni (at nearly 3,700 meters above sea level), in Bolivia: