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Wall Maps

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Hundreds of wall maps, in stock, ready to decorate your walls! We offer a very wide selection of wall maps in different formats with different finishes (paper, laminated, with retaining slats) for the following regions:


Administrative or physical maps, and also relief maps.

World / Planispheres

A wide choice of political or physical planispheres, in modern or vintage style.


General maps of Asia and also maps of China, the Caucasus and Central Asia.


General maps of Europe and maps of the different European countries.


Maps of North America, Central America and South America.


General maps of Africa, and of some African countries.


Posters from Australia and New Zealand, in paper or laminated version.

Middle East

Posters from the Middle East including maps of Iran and Iraq.

Arctic & Antarctic

Posters of the Arctic and Antarctic, in paper or laminated version.

Different possible finishes for your wall maps

Discover our selection of posters equipped with metal eyelets, wooden slats or aluminum profiles for easy hanging here .

Our manufacturing workshop can also offer different custom-made finishes for fixing your wall maps (e.g.: metal or synthetic slats or wooden bars for holding, or even metal profiles). Do not hesitate to contact us for your special requests!

Also discover all our special maps !

Raised maps

Maps of countries, continents or the world where you can see and feel.

Maps for children

Stylized educational maps specially adapted for young children.

Magnetic Maps / signs

Wall maps glued on a magnetic support. Ideal for businesses.

Pin maps /Panels

Wall maps glued on a pinable support. Ideal for businesses.

wooden maps

Decorative wooden maps that can be put together like a puzzle.

Pinable Cork maps

Cork wall maps that can be pinned to place markers.

scratch maps

Maps that reveal parts of the world when scratched.

Themed decorative maps

Posters in vintage style or printed on a medium other than paper.

space and planets

Posters of Mars, the Moon or the Milky Way.

    1323 products